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Using your abilities for others.

What is your talent? Do you use it for others? I have come to realize that using my ability for other is very fulfilling and I love that it can be encouraging to others. My talent is drawing and painting, but that might not be your's. I believe God gave everyone a talent and wants us to use it for his Glory. Sometimes find out what that talent is, can be the hard part. It could be the way you are with people and are outgoing and friendly to others , which people can trust. It could be you are good with your hands like carpentry or an electrician. You could be good at building people up and making them feel good about themselves. Whatever you talent is using it for others is like something you will never feel if you just use it for yourself. You can change lives by an act of kindness and not expecting anything in return. Some people have lost hope that this world has any kindness left in it or that anyone cares. There are so many stories of suicide, killings, homeless, and the list can go on, but it doesn't have to be that way. One act of kindness can have a ripple effect that can touch many lives. So what is your talent can you use it to encourage others? Think on it and put it into action, you will love the feeling you get from it. Just give it a try.....