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Reference Photo

Do you have trouble with drawing what you see in the photo you're using? There are some techniques you can use. For instance when you tell the brain what you are looking at, be it a hand, a face, a building, our brain immediately conjures up a flat and generic image of that object, because we have all seen these things many times. One way to stop this when looking at a reference photo is to turn it upside down so you have to draw or paint what you see. If you are drawing from memory try not to tell your brain what you're drawing, but focus on the shapes, lines and shadows. Drawing out the shapes you see will also help with proportion so you could draw it small or larger but will have the same proportion to its size. There is another way by using a grid method. This is where you draw lines on your reference photo like a checker board. Horizontal and vertical lines will make blocks and you draw whats in the blocks to get to your final drawing. This also helps with the brain, that you're focused on what is in the block and not the reference photo as a whole. This will also help with proportion and it doesn't seem so overwhelming because you're focused on one block at a time. Whatever way you use, but try both to see what works best, have fun because if you don't enjoy it you're missing out on what it can bring you and the joy you can really get when you improve your ability.