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Making time

Updated: Mar 10

Have you ever wondered why it doesn't seem like your art ability is improving? Are you taking the steps to help it along? What are those steps?

Here are three that can help...

1. Are you learning different techniques? Learning different techniques can help to determine what works well in certain situations. Like for instance what works when you are creating water, or the sky. I tend to watch videos of a certain aspect that I maybe having difficulty on. My last project I had trouble with crashing water so I watch a few different videos to see their techniques. There is so much information out there now you can find a video for anything. Have fun with it.

2. Are you practicing? You have to keep painting just like with anything else practice makes perfect. If you have identified you're weaknesses why not improve them by practicing. You can learn about how you can create the effects you need for a certain situation and how to create it each time. You can experiment to get different effects and make it fun at the same time. So try to do a little each day and don't give up. It will come.

3. Lastly, know your materials. Quality can be a big factor in how something looks. Experiment with different medium and quality can help you with your talent. You could be better at a different medium that you didn't know about unless you experiment. Trying different quality of materials will help you get to know what you like. Quality products will last longer and hold up better, but that doesn't mean there aren't any reasons for using less quality products. You may just want to do a doodle with the kids. Don't be afraid to break the rules and try things that you haven't done before you never know what will become of it. Just have fun with it and don't be so serious..