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Keep at it

Updated: Jan 1

Many of us have our own special talent that we can do very well, but how many of you venture out to those things that you may struggle a bit with. I have made a decision to step out and try something I know I struggle with and that has been fur and making it more realistic. The last few days I have watched some videos on utube, which is a great source of how to videos, to see how others do it. I have learned a lot about contrast, shadow and using an eraser to define fur. Also start lightly and then darken in the shadows and to help it look like it has depth. You need to have a good reference photo that shows the direction of the fur and the different tones. So i started a new project and I am taking my time and applying those things I have learned from the videos. I'm going to keep at it since that is the only way I'm going to learn. Here is a picture of what I started. What are you going to step out with and try to conquer this year. I have a few goals this year and am excited to broaden my abilities.

Update: Finished my last piece for 2019. I'm looking forward to what my God given ability will produce in 2020. Happy New Year everyone.