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Challenging Yourself

So it is a new year, which seems to go by so fast, but are you growing or planning on grow in the new year? It's easy to go through life day by day doing the same thing we have always done and feeling kind of stuck right where you are at. I have been searching, actually craving for wisdom and knowledge for the last 90 days after a devotional I just completed and it's funny that not only has it increased my craving for knowing God, but it has also has stirred up a craving to increase my knowledge in my artwork and other aspects of my life, like my relationship with my family and friends. I'm excited about trying and gaining all that I can learn about aspects that I struggle in my art abilities. Trying to make my relationships with loved ones and others I come in contact with. How else will I get better if I don't strive towards what I struggle with or are afraid of? Sometimes it's best to go at it head on and gather knowledge as you go. Yes I may fall down, but getting back up I'm telling myself I can do this and with God on my side i can't fail. So I challenge you today what do you struggle with and will you face it head on so you can overcome it? It's a new year and why not a good time to start now? You can do this and I believe in you.